Events Arranged by British Alumni Assocation

Theatre Performance

“If you Shakespeares, prepare to shed them now” scripted by Imran Aslam,

BAA’s first fund raising event. Hugely successful run for two days to packed houses.

Venue: Aga Khan University Auditorium | 26-27 August 2005

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Lecture: Islam and Britain

A lecture on “Islam and Britain; eternal foes or misunderstood friends” by Professor Iftikhar Malik.

Professor Iftikhar H. Malik, FRHisS, teaches international history at Bath Spa University College and is associated with Wolfson College, Oxford. An author of 14 books and several research papers and monographs, Dr. Malik’s two recent publications include: Islam and Modernity: Muslims in Europe and the United States (Pluto, 2004), and, Jihad, Hindutva and the Taliban: South Asia at the Crossroads (Oxford University Press, 2005).

Venue: Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi | 23 August 2005

British Alumni Networking

Informal evening for members to interact. Scheduled to be held on a regular basis.

Venue: Kaldi Coffee Shop | 15-June-05

Science Plan – Rapid Climate Change – Video Conference Session

Attendees included Dr Ejaz Ahmed, Director WWF, Dr Jamal Siddiqui Link co-ordinator for CEMB, Dr Shahid Amjad Director National Insitiute of Oceanography. Nayyar Alam Zaygham, Institute of Environment Studies. Rashid Yahya Usmani, Marine Pollution Control Department, Karachi Port Trust.

Venue: Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi | 21-Mar-05

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